Craftsman Quality Carpet Repairs with a Written 24 month Guarantee

Expert Carpet Repairs

All repairs come with industry first written 24 month carpet repair guarantee

-No Job too Big or Small-

($ 99.00 min. carpet repair call out charge)

Carpet Patches

Pulled Runs & Threads

Faulty Carpet Joins

Stretching of Loose Carpet

Pet Damaged Carpet

Iron & Cigarette Burns

Carpet Installation Rectification Work

Carpet Uplift and Disposal

Carpet Cover Trims & Stairnosings

Craftsman Quality Carpet Repairs

We have a history of creating long lasting showcase quality carpet repairs. We think outside of the box and as expected all of our work comes with a written guarantee.
The way a carpet repairer cuts your carpet, the glues they use, and the joining process are all important foundations for a showcase carpet repair. . . 

Specialist Carpet Repair Tools

Craftsmanship is only part of creating an outstanding carpet repair. Leading edge materials and technology take craftsmanship to the next level.
Outside of the Australian Standards there are international carpet repair benchmarks. We have been using these benchmarks since 2008 to achieve extraordinary carpet . . .

24 Month Carpet Repair Guarantee

We are one of the few carpet repairers to give a genuine written 24 month guarantee with all work.
A combination of expert experience, leading edge materials and technology means we can confidently give you a written guarantee with all carpet repair work.
Over the last ten years, we have achieved . . . 

Free Onsite Carpet Repair Quotes

We value your carpet and appreciate that not all carpet repair jobs can be quoted site unseen over the phone. So if we're not able to give you a phone quote we'll offer you a free onsite quote. Then we'll be able to take into account your carpet situation and how to best repair your carpet. Sometimes there's not enough spare carpet . . .