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If your carpet is brand new it is unlikely you will see any carpet repair we do. However as time goes by carpet wears from use and fades from the sun and light; and even the original carpet when used for repair work can appear a different. Sometimes we have to fade the original carpet back for a closer match to achieve a better carpet repair job.
If you want feedback on what your carpet repair will look like its best to book an onsite quote. Then we'll have an idea of what we're working with and will give you insights into how to best repair your carpet and what your repair job will look like if we do it for you. 
All residential carpet repair quotes are free.
Commercial carpet repair quotes are free provided they are simple to prepare. Large commercial quotes requiring floor plan graphics and excessive amounts of time will incur a nominal fee to compensate for our assessment and quote preparation time. 

Most simple carpet repairs can be quoted a price range over the phone and you want to proceed the exact price can be be confirmed on arrival. Because there are so many different types of carpets and carpet backings it's difficult to know what your job involves over the phone. Some of the budget carpet available today cannot be easily repaired as it falls apart when cut and therefore requires stabilising before cutting.

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MasterCard, Visa, EFTPOS, real time bank transfer and cash are prefered payment methods. Accounts by prior arrangement only.