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About Carpet Repairs & Invisible Mending

CRAIM - Carpet Repairs & Invisible Mending is a small niche market carpet repair business run by Dale Keily.

Dale entered the carpet industry in the early 1980's where he learnt the secrets of repairing carpet. He established a reputable carpet maintenance company servicing both residential and commercial carpets.

In 1990, the business was sold to a new owner who to this day is still looking after many of the initial customers from almost 30 years ago.

In 1990, Dale moved on to establish a printing business using vegetable oil inks, recycled and environmentally friendly paper. It was ahead of its time but nonetheless was a small success.

In the late 1990's, Dale moved on to study accounting at University and worked part-time in the area until 2005.

Preferring a more active lifestyle Dale returned to repairing carpet in 2005.

He is a perfectionist and has the unusual ability of being able to patiently reconstruct damaged carpet and craft repair jobs which are difficult to see or even invisible.

Dale has recently relocated back to his hometown Brisbane after spending almost 10 years away repairing carpet in Melbourne.